Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confessionalist Readings for Contemporary Lit.

We're starting Plath today (in class, no worries) and you'll have the weekend. Remember your yawps need to be executed if they haven't been. (We're getting some great attention for this.

Sylvia Plath bio.
And her poems
Before you panic,these are the required reading: Poppies in July, Poppies in October, Daddy, Lady Lazarus, Black Rook in Rainy Weather, Balloons, Mad Girl's Love Song, Burning the Letters

Anne Sexton (the bio and all of the poems--there are just four-five there) PLUS: The Bells Ringing the Bells Music Swims Back to Me

Robert Lowell bio read all the poems and the biographical information.

I grouped these all separate of the Berryman just because they worked together, (Lowell was their teacher) and were even institutionalized at the same point for a brief time.

This is a hefty amount of reading, so please start early and have lots to say about it. We'll watch Plath's video today and discuss it all on Tuesday.

Our next writers will be some of the New York School poets. I'll post reading links for them soon. (Frank O'Hara will be a big one, if you want to do any of your own scouting about.) Then, some Ashbery (I meant to say it this time) and so on.

Remember to update me on your yawps and anything you still hope we'll read, cover, discuss.

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