Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiction Workshop Weekend Syllabus Installment

09/02/2010 Thursday
Discussion of Lynch project and your first writing assignment.
Consider the characters of your hometowns, people that Lynch might have interviewed and using one of them or a character from the documentary, write an opening scene to a story that uses someone else from one of these character's stories and has them telling their tale or one of the character's themselves continuing on or telling a new portion of the story that you make up for them or your own character--real or invented that tells a piece as if one of the Lynch characters.

Example: Seems like me and Izzy had been here longer than the river. Really we met in 1936 and Izzy's father just dead and me just fourteen and walking from church to home and school to home and nowhere else but Izzy's place was on that road and I saw him and he looked to me like something carved from the prettiest wood, gold-colored and satiny like that. Izzy smiled at me one Wednesday after school and he seemed like a big man on that tractor though he was just seventeen, he seemed uncle-old or like a big brother I wished I had.
The Andersons lived between our farms and their girl, all yellow-haired and bright-eyed, caught Izzy's eye first. Then the town caught fire and we lost our one bank, half the post office and Izzy's father had been caught on the second floor and after that, he was a changed-boy.

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