Thursday, September 2, 2010

Contemporary Lit. Syllabus Installment Two

Thursday 09/02/10
Discussion of Whitman, David Lynch's Interview Project.
HOMEWORK: Considering one or more characters from the Lynch link, write a 250 word minimum response either in the voice of one of the characters or in Whitman's voice responding to, extending the story or drawing comparisons between Walt's ideas and the characters. Get as creative and theatrical as you like or you can do a kind of epistolary piece where you write back to or as Whitman or one of the people in the Lynch project. Type the piece up and bring it to class ready to read on Tuesday. Note which character or characters from the Lynch piece that you used and we'll play some of those in class.
Start familiarizing yourself with Emily Dickinson's work and biographical information.

Tuesday 09/07 Whitman discussion continues with your Lynch work incorporated.
Thursday 09/09 Whitman and Dickinson and some contemporary influences.

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