Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week of September 7-11 WRITING FICTION

09/08 (T &H class)
09/09 (M & W)
Discussion of stories we read and distribution of "Strange People" for reading tonight.
We will begin workshopping a week from Thursday/Friday so Group One will have stories due, with copies by Thursday/Friday (09/15, 09/16) of next week. Group Two on Thursday/Friday. Group Three on the Tues/Thur of the following week, and so on.
The second class of this week will involve "workshopping" the story I hand out today in class. I will post guidelines for workshopping and you will treat this story (letter to author and all,) as if it is a workshop piece. We will have on "field trip activity" for the Thursday class (the John Cage event) and that might affect our schedule in the T-H class, I'll let you know how exactly.)

09/10 09/11
Workshop of "Strange People". Bring in annotated copies, letter to author and be prepared to discuss the story as if the author were a class member and in attendance. You will begin class by swapping your letters and discussing them as a group and voting on the "most helpful letter" and talking about why. Then we'll move into workshop.

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