Friday, September 11, 2009


Tues-Thurs. I had the impression that you did not have a letter for our Strange People author. If I was wrong and you did, let me know. Otherwise, I felt we had a pretty productive convo about that.

Since next week is interrupted by the Cage performance, let's work on writing exercises this week and preparing for your first workshops. This means that your first stories will be due with copies on Tuesday 09/22 & Wednesday 09/23 (Groups One). Obviously, I expect sufficient copies stapled and ready to be distributed at the start of class on those days. (Regardless of when I choose to have you hand them out, I would like them (the copies) and you (the authors) in seats, and on time on the day of handouts.

These first stories should be anywhere from three-five pages minimum. They can be a series of shorter pieces interconnected or not. They can be the start of a much longer piece.

Any additional questions, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful weekend. -s

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