Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week Two

June 23, Tuesday : Reading of Silverman imitations. Intro to formal verse or Jenike's book (depending on which is available). In-Class Writing assignment based on "Refusing Sinatra" by Lesley Jenike p. 79 in Ghost of Fashion and/or "Those Winter Sundays"
by Robert Hayden.
Additional conditions for this piece include:
1.Every other line must be ten syllables. (The in-between lines can be any number with the condition that you must still consider the line as a unit of attention. )
2. Include a kind of fabric
3. a kind of stone
4. The use of three colors
5. The name of a street, landmark, or body of water.
6. Some comparison or reference to a historical or biblical story, or a fairytale, myth, or fable.
7. Include at least three fictions, lies or inventions.
Handing out of workshop poems.
Homework: Comment on the workshop poems. Remember to read them through once, no marking, second time through you make comments about how your reading changed through the poem now that you know it in its entirety. Third time you add any more things that work or don't work, additional suggestions or ways to revise or expand.

June 24 Wednesday: Read new poems aloud.
Workshop poems.
Homework: (Google and then) Read poems by Eliot Khalil Wilson, Tenaya Darlington, Arielle Greenberg, Mark Doty, Tim Early, Alan May, Mark Doty, Simone Muench

Imitate one of their poems or general gestures and include too,
at least two examples of slant or off-rhyme and internal rhyme.
Also, one example of assonance, consonance and alliteration.

June 25 Thursday: Complete workshops. Read homework poems aloud.
Introduction to formal verse.
Homeowork: Write a sestina.
Have next poems read to distribute for Workshop Two. Please include enough copies for yourself and others, ready to distribute at the BEGINNING of class.
Next poem: villanelle.

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