Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homework and Week Two Agenda

For Thursday night's homework, I would like you to consider Taije Silverman's Poem to Keep What I Love and to write a list poem in imitation. Your poem should be in six sections, a minimum of five lines each. You might examine how Silverman employs anaphora, direct address, etc. I would like to see one use of a declarative statement with one modification to it.
Example: I want to tell you. This isn't unhappiness. It's the last good light of the permanent afternoon.

For Tuesday: Come in with the Silverman imitation and/or as/ your poems to be workshopped.
Make sure that your workshop poem or poems are typed and that you have made suffiicient copies for our class. (8 copies should do it.)

(Remember our new start time.)

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