Monday, May 12, 2014


Week One Monday: Introduction. In-class writing from paint swatch phrases. Tension discussion: story vs. incident. HOMEWORK: Readings: Girl by Jamaica Kinkaid Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway What we Talk About When we Talk About Love Raymond Carver How to Become a Writer Lorrie Moore Lust Susan Minot Polish your in-class story/scene/start and bring in a minimum of 250 words to discuss in class. For anyone who needs to catch up, here is a version of what we did in class: For the writing portion, we used words/phrases off paint swatches and began with the line: We stepped into -------, then ------------- and then Begin a story by filling in those blanks and continuing to write from there using as many of the phrases from the paint swatch "word bank" as possible. Word bank: Fine Wine, Tidal, Stormfront, Decanting, Graphite, Sailor's Bay, Ink-Dark Moonscape, Pink Damask, Fire Alarm, Plum jam, Madeline steps, January sea, Dune, Licorice Twist, Coldwater Rose, Midnight sidewalk, Orion's belt, Biscuit, Baby blanket, Sunwashed Coast, Buttery.

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