Monday, April 14, 2014

Contemporary Literature

04/14 Discussion of stories. Homework: These are the stories we will be discussing next: The Conversion of the Jews by Philip Roth Cathedral by Raymond Carver and To Robby (go to this link: and read page 2 beginning with "Stories are letters" and read to the bottom of the page. Homework: Select a piece of literature from your anthology and respond to it in a piece of art (any genre or medium including prose/music/photography/poetry/visual art/film/animation/comic etc.) Be prepared to present your piece to the class on April 24th. An example: I read Poppies by Sylvia Plath and produce a series of photographs taken at an abattoir (slaughterhouse) or or the Bluebird response in video that we watched in response to Bukowski or... you name it. THESE PIECES MUST BE READY ON TIME in order for me to be able to get them graded and allow for any extra time needed. On April 14th or 16th, please plan to let the class know what you will be presenting upon so that we might read it in advance of your presentation. This will be your final assignment for the course, so make it meaningful. (When you arrive in class on Wednesday, go up to the board and write the title, author, and page number.)

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