Thursday, February 13, 2014

Contemporary Literature Classes Syllabus Edits

WEEKEND:  (forgive the wonky formatting, for now, I want you to have a jump on the homework. More soon)
Reading Homework for Monday and Wednesday discussion (not to be on the quiz Monday).
Read this Intro   as well as the bio and listed poems for the following poets:
Ezra Pound In a Station of the Metro  The River Merchant's Wife
T.S. Eliot Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Wallace Stevens Sunday Morning,  The Emperor of Ice Cream, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird The Snowman
and Mina Loy  Lost Lunar Baedeker and Moreover, the Moon
Your first assignment will involve an imitation piece or series from the works we’ve read. (500 word minimum). It can be written  in a variety of forms (essay,poetry, formal, etc.) as long as it meets the word count. One way to tackle this might be to write a poem by the light of one of these pieces and then to write a short letter or essay piece that describes your process: how you worked from the imitation and how you worked away from or against it.

Feb 17-19
M 2nd Quiz on Frost
Discussion Introduction to Modernism, Sunday Morning

W Wallace Stevens discussion. 9:30 class is being observed this day so show-off those gorgeous brains of yours, pretty please?
(12:30 should show-off just as a reward to me for going through the evaluation process.

Feb 24-26
M Modernism discussion continued
Homework:  Next readings TBA

W  Modernist discussion concluded
Turn in your Modernist imitation assignment
Mar 3-5  (Midterm)
M Modernism Quiz
Homework: Readings TBA

Mar 10-12
M Formal Poem Discussion Begins


Mar 17-19

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