Thursday, January 23, 2014

ADV. CW Homework

1. Remember to read and comment on the workshop pieces, inclusive of your 200 word min. letter to the writer.
2. If you're in the second group for workshop, be sure to have your pieces ready and 11 copies for distribution.

Our in-class writing assignment (shown in full below) should be typed in to your computer and added to through  instructions #5 & 6.

cicada wing 
sycamore bark
dragon/star fruit or pineapple
down comforter or quilt
old radio
1. describe the object without looking it up or doing research
2. Have an existing/cube character engage with the object in a scene
3. Using some aspect of the object in name or design, name a business (bar, hotel, shop, barbershop, café, etc.) and stage a scene in there using a character and one character off the cube.
3. Doing some research, include a fact or two in a scene that is not directly related to the object.
4. Write a scene.  Have the object change in some way in the course of a scene.

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