Sunday, April 14, 2013


Screeeeeeeech. So the paperwork for Forthmade (pop-up store) indicates an April 22nd turn-in date for our supplies for them.

I will bring the more uniform bottles on Tuesday and with luck, you will be able to do them in time for that deadline.

You can do as few as one for that and as many as two, (let me know for sure as we have to turn in a product count immediately.) And then you have to have the ones done for Poetry Pharmacy, too.

Think about this and let me know what your best strategy will be. Should we plan to have everything ready (Poetry Pharm. and Forthmade) on the same day and then deliver our goods to the store organizers and plan to do our table on 25th (per our initial plan).  Let me know what works for all of you.

Also, if you are feeling kind of daunted about the naming of ills part and selecting a poem, this link  and here, too, will be helpful to you.   You can still have fun naming the ailment or you can just do something like "Prescription for a Birthday."  (Let's plan to have a couple of these in the Forthmade order as I can see someone buying a poem for a birthday friend or family member.)  You might want to think a little more mainstream and practical for the Forthmade, as well as very professional and more uniform and save a bit of the freak-flag stuff for the Poetry Pharmacy at school.

I love our class and am so thrilled to be sharing all of this with you. These are graded assignments so be sure to get them in, finished, nice and on time. And don't forget our reading for the week. Let's have a lively discussion without my having to resort to Brad Paisley to help us out.  ;-)

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