Friday, November 16, 2012

American Lit Update

Week of 10/31
  W 10/31  NY School discussion, Bukowski.
Homework:  Eula Bliss The Pain Scale (p. 2, Touchstone)
 F 11/02  Discussion: The Lyric Essay through Bliss’ essay.
Homework:  Selected readings: Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell.
W 11/07   Eula Bliss Essay 
The Beats and  
(Intro and Howl and America)
Bio, Poems

 the Confessionalists
Sylvia Plath's bio and all the poems on this site:  
This introduction to Confessional verse:

Anne Sexton:
Bio. and all of the poems
Robert Lowell:
The bio.
and The Skunk Hour

Homework:  Reading: Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, Michael Cunningham’s White Angel,
Poetry Comics article,
**Your ekphrastic pieces and process papers (500 words minimum) are due on Friday 11/28. 
The short version of this assignment is that you will be responding or imitating a piece of literature through visual art. Examples abound: W.H. Auden’s Musee de Beaux Art or WCW’s Icarus (myth-painting-poem).  Or Charles Simic’s poems that respond to Joseph Cornell’s boxes (for the reverse).  Consider the poetry poem:
Week of 11/13
  W 11/14  Film  
  My reading at Florida Southern College (and representing CCAD)  Your class plans will be to take roll and watch the movies that I will have left for you.
  F  11/16  Discussion beginning with the subversive, the idea of what is truth and The Sheep-Child by James Dickey. To your reading, I would like to add Falling by Dickey, too. 
Week of 11/20 
THANKSGIVING BREAK!  Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving!
Week of 11/27
  W  11/26   Discussion  of Beats, Confessionalists and stories and  
F 11/28  Ekphrastic pieces to be presented. Process papers (only) to be turned in to me.
 : Ekphrastic pieces to be presented Also, BRING YOUR TOUCHSTONE ANTHOLOGIES TO CLASS. 
 Class work towards group presentations of Essays from Touchstone Anthology. First groups to let the rest of us know  (There will be an oral and written component for each group member.)  As a group: you will decide on an essay to teach to the class. You will have ten-twenty minutes to lead a discussion or use any mode to discuss the essays. Each group member will do a 1-3 page essay discussing what s/he found compelling about the essay and how each group member contributed to the group process.  I expect real work done by EACH member of the group.
W  12/04  Group Presentations
F 12/06  Group Presentations
H 12/05  TBA
W 12/11   “”
  F12/13 Last day of semester.

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