Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Advanced Creative Writing

A few notes:

1. Absences. My general course policy is up to two, you will not be docked, but after two, you can be asked to drop the course. In our case, missing even one class is a large percentage of the class-entire. You have one free absence that, if you hope to do very well in the class, you will not use at all. (It is once a week, after all.) Please make any arrangements needed to try to be there every single class, if at all possible.

2. Collaborations. In a day or two, I will announce "teams" for this and I will assign those teams a subject. We will do our first collaborative project in class and you may others as homework. (These are independent of your large projects and will be just for in class "advanced writing" practice.)

3. "The Mikes" will be providing me with your first workshop pieces. Their work is around fifty pages long, so get started early and take care and time with it. Additionally, Alejandro has around forty pages for us to examine and I would like to have these all be part of our first round. For others of you, smaller pieces are welcome--don't feel you have to match these page numbers if your project is shorter, not as far along, etc.
(As for Mikes A. and Alejandro, feel free to email me what you would like workshopped, as soon as you can.)

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