Thursday, September 15, 2011

Syllabus Installment 09/15/11-10/06/11

Writing Poetry
09/15 Thursday
Workshop continues
Homework: Read all of Elizabeth Bishop's selections and Trout by Kathryn Starbuck. As well as all of the Frank O'Hara selections here.

09/20 Tuesday
Workshop completion, discussion of readings.
Homework: Read Terrance Hayes (all) Richard Siken
and all of the poems in the various links for Ilya Kaminsky (there's lots of repetition, just skip around and graze)
and all of the poems here for Simone Muench. Consider how the New York School (O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, James Schuyler, John Ashbery, others) are working to influence the work of these contemporary poets. Consider which "moves" you would like to adopt for your next workshop poem (the imitation).

Thursday: 09/22
From the pieces that we've read, choose a poem to imitate. The imitation poem will be due on TUESDAY 10/04

09/27 Tues. Completion of workshop pieces. Discussion of some of the poets we've read.
Homework: Formal poetry readings: Elizabeth Bishop One Art and Sestina (the link is above and yes, I know you've read her but focus in on these two in particular for the formal poetry assignment.)
Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

09/29 Thurs. Gallery/Museum ekphrasis assignment. Meet in class, go on to any of the exhibits on campus (the museum is probably your best bet). Select a piece of art and list at least 30 concrete words from it, (be sure to take down the title and artist as well) and write a poem that in some way engages with the art. You can write from the perspective of a character or object in the piece or simply use the words to form a poem with some of the same descriptive terms. You can write to the artist or as the artist in the poem. This will be due, typed, for Tuesday October 4.

10/04 Tues. Discussion of formal verse
Gallery Poems Due. Bring enough copies for all of us.
Homework: Read and comment upon the Ekphrastic poems. Be ready to discuss the poems thoroughly and thoughtfully and to have many comments written upon them before workshop. (You can write more during, as well.)

10/06 Thurs. Workshop of Ekphrastic Poems.
Homework: Have formal poems ready for next week.

Writing Fiction
09/15 Thursday
Workshop Group One.

Tuesday 09/21
Discussion of Readings.
Group Two stories due for distribution.

Contemporary Lit.
09/15 Thursday
Video: Dickinson, Whitman: Bio plus poems the to right, particularly America, I Sing the Body Electric, When I Heard the Learned... and When Lilacs Last...

09/20 Tuesday:
Have all Dickinson and Whitman selections read and your letters ready to read in groups.
You will be turning them into me on Thursday (slight extension). In your groups, you will read each letter and write the author a note about where the letter works best, where it gets confusing or could be improved. Feel free to suggest wild and interesting edits or revisions. This is the author's chance to really spruce the piece up before it gets turned in officially.

09/22 Thursday
Letters to be turned in to me at the beginning of class: typed, proofread, etc.
Discussion of Dickinson and Whitman.
Homework: Read Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper
A Mark on the Wall by Virginia Woolf. Be able to discuss the stream-of-consciousness in Woolf's piece and what effect it has.

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