Friday, January 28, 2011

Reading Homework for Poetry of Survival and Contemporary Lit.


Meteoric Rise, The Saint..., Closer to TX(read all but Goodbye Tuscaloosa and look for themes that deal with class, witness, survival, the political issues we have been discussing.)

Designing a Bird from Memory

First reading assignment for Against Forgetting
All of the Intro. p. 29-47
Make notes and think about the issues Forche mentions in light of the poems we've been reading so far.


  1. Unemployment is a fascinating poem/story, I have never imagined the job the Mexican man once had, brutal. Also brutal to not have it, enjoyed this one!

  2. Thanks A,

    I really like his work. It's clear and yet textured. I like how you mention the brutality of the job and the lack of it. I will steal that next time I teach this.