Thursday, June 17, 2010

Syllabus Update Thurs.

For today, you will be watching the Whitman film and we will be doing an introduction to Emily Dickinson. Beyond that, the weekend will include a large reading assignment by Virginia Woolf and Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
I'll post more specifics on that later.

The Dicknison poems we will begin today but that must be read thoroughly (quiz-ready) by next week are:
The Soul Selects
Safe in their Alabaster
My Life Closed
I Felt a Funeral
I Measure Every Grief
I Heard a Fly
I'm Nobody
Hope is a Thing
I Taste
Fame is
Wild Nights
There's a Certain
There is no Frigate
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper

Virginia Woolf:
About a Room of One's Own's_Own

A Mark on the Wall

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  1. Then Jazz Age/Harlem Ren.
    Followed by Modernism
    Then into the Fifties with the Beats, Confessionalists.

    More reading posts coming. This will have you ready for Tuesday and some of Wed. of next week.