Monday, May 24, 2010

M 24 Sestina workshop. Introduction to 13 Ways poem.

Homework: 13 Views Typed-up, edited. Look to this poem for a way to do this:
1. See your object in a larger-scene.
(Ex: Downtown, between the towering bank
and the boarded-up apartment building
with a woman's name, in the cursive lower
case ls and ds, were slightly bent paperclips.
Include a character's simile towards the object or some version of it.
2. I was feeling like the dying-out of cursive,
loopy, out-of-date, de-scriptive but inscrutable.
3. The paper clip held the details of our home's value,
our marriage's depreciation.
A scene of two people and the object. Two simple declaritive statements of description (only concrete terms) only one of which need mention the object.
4. Clippers,one snip,
and gone.
A clipper, a clip
Make a simple statement of dialogue and include the object.
To define the paperclip, I examined the suffix.
To define clip, I looked up clipper
1. a person or thing that clips or cuts...6. a person or thing that moves along swiftly.

Note for Michelle: Bring your object and copies of sestina in tomorrow. You'll workshop in reverse and we'll have you all caught up by Wednesday. (We'll workshop your sestina while others workshop 13 Views and then you'll be right on board for the long poem and revision workshops.

T 25 Workshop Thirteen Ways. Introduce other long poems for larger assignment.
Homework:The Long Poem Look to: T.S. Eliot, Hart Crane, Walt Whitman, Eliot Khalil Wilson, Anne Sexton,

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