Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey Gangs (Fiction, Contemporary Lit.)

I came through horrific weather to get as far as Dublin last night. The roads were the worst I have seen in my time here and the number of accidents and "derailed" vehicles, jarring. CCAD's official plans aside, I will let you know in the later on in the morning if our classes will not be taking place.
*For now, assume that they are happening according to plan.*
Even so, I may have trouble getting in as I set out. If you all get there and I am not there, for Contemp. Lit. please just sign a roll sheet and have a student plan to bring it to me on Thursday.
For Writing Fiction, Group One should plan to distribute their stories to one another and be sure to bring one in for me (and any absent students) on Thursday. Group Two should plan to distribute stories on Thursday per the original plan.
Please note W/F Writing Fiction classes have their first stories due for class distribution (22 copies stapled, edited, ready to be read and critiqued) on Wednesday 02/17 for Group One. Group Two will distribute stories on Friday.

As stated above, the workshops begin with distribution today and the first workshop taking place on Thursday. Group Two should plan to distribute their stories on Thursday for Tuesday workshop.

We'll finish up with Whitman and probably have a video. Your anthology readings will be posted next. For now, plan to get your first projects ready to turn in one week from today.

***Lit. Class Project One Due Tues. 02/23/10***
Using the epistolary form and borrowing from the style (in some way/s) from one of the people we have discussed, write a letter (or series of "postcard-shaped" paragraphs) to one of these authors. Consider their subject matter, and what, in particular, you would like to "speak back to" in their work. Example: Writing to Emily Dickinson about how one of her concepts is resonating now. (How hope gets used, misused or what it might mean to be "a thing with feathers." You might write to Whitman in Whitmanian fashion, about a place you know well.
Many possibilities.
The skinny: the piece must be at least 2 full pages or 500 words in length. It can be longer, but I don't want to see it be any skimpier than this.

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